American Integrity entering Duluth

Makinaw Entering Duluth Port

Edwin H. Gott

Photo by Diane Hilden

Photo by Diane Hilden




Summer Programming

 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center in Canal Park Duluth, Minnesota is offering a series of summer films between 12:00 pmand 4:00 pm now through Labor Day.  A variety of Great Lakes topics are covered including shipping, natural history, shipwrecks, lighthouses, Soo Lock operations, and Duluth-Superior Harbor activities.  Films will change weekly with over twenty different films offered throughout the summer.

The Visitor Center will also be offering the popular 30 minute Pier History Tours Thursday through Monday 1:15 pm and 3:15 pm. This walking tour will highlight the fascinating history of Canal Park.

The Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center will be open daily from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm through Labor Day.  There is never an admission charge to the Visitor Center or any of its programs.  For information regarding specific programs and times, please contact the Visitor Center at (218) 720-5260, Ext 1. 


School and Community Programs

The Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center offers a wide variety of educational programming for school and community groups.  Please call us and we will be happy to discuss how we can assist you at 218-720-5260 x1.  The programs are free of charge!  All groups need to make a reservation whether you decide on a program or not.

For questions about the community programs you can contact the visitor center at -

Listed below are brief program descriptions, length of program and target age groups.

Groups should have adequate supervision, with one adult for every 8-10 students. On arrival please have your group wait outside or in the lobby until notifying the staff person at the information desk on the museum's upper level. Most programs will begin in the meeting room on the lower level.

Restrooms and drinking fountain are located off the lower level entry. The museum is handicap-accessible.

Listed below are brief descriptions of our programs, their length, and suggested ages.

Calendar of Events 

Welcome (5-25 min) K-Adults
This orientation program describes the Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center, its exhibits and services as they reflect Great Lakes shipping and development. Tailored to your schedule; may use slides and artifacts.

Who's in Charge? (25-30 min) K-3rd
What is it like to work aboard a Great Lakes ship?  Program discusses the ships' crew, their jobs and shipboard life. 

All Aboard (20-30 min) K-4th
A special program for young audiences including a hands-on tour of ship's pilothouse, engine room, and living quarters. Group size is limited to about 15 students. Larger groups will be divided.

Up & Down the Soo Locks (25-30 min) K-8th
Because of the difference in lake levels, all ships coming to or going from Lake Superior must pass through the Soo Locks. The purpose and operation of the locks are explored using a model, maps, and an exciting fast-paced and humorous film.  

What Makes the Twin Ports Special (15-30 min) 3rd - Adult - Take a little quiz and find out what makes Duluth-Superior Harbor the biggest, busiest, and best port on the Great Lakes.  It’s fun.  It’s easy.  It’s revealing.  It’s part of us, and where we live and work and play and go to school.

Alien Invasion (30 min) 4th-8th _ Learn what happens to our Great Lakes when they are invaded by aliens - from a foreign ecosystem. Are we in jeopardy or is it just a game?

What Makes Ships Float? (30 min) 4th-8th
How can a heavy steel ship float, and with more than 60,000 tons of cargo? Find out in this hands-on interactive science experiment where students discover for themselves. 

Rail Meets Sail (25-30 min) 4th-Adult
Program illustrates shipping activities in Duluth-Superior Harbor and the Great Lakes. Hands-on look at coal, taconite, grain, and other cargoes handled by local docks and overall waterborne commerce. 

Tall Water & Steel Ships (30 or 60 min versions) 4th-Adult
The Great MATAAFA Storm of 1905 was the most devastating ever for ships on Lake Superior. Historic photographs illustrate vessels caught in this storm. Also discusses marine weather forecasts and lifesaving equipment 

With All Hands (30 or 60 min versions) 4th- Adult
Explore the wreck of the EDMUND FITZGERALD which foundered on Lake Superior with all hands during a heavy storm on the night of November 10, 1975. 

LUCERNE – "1886" Time Capsule (30 min) 6th- Adult  - What do Time Capsules and shipwrecks have in common?  Students find out in this examination of the shipwreck LUCERNE, lost in a November gale on Lake Superior 1886.

To print a listing of our Education programs, please click here.

Education_programs final.pdf 


Additional Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center Program Information:

Historic Canal Park Attractions Tour - Via Your Cell Phone

The Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center now offers a new tour option using a cell phone.  The cell phone tour is an excellent way to explore and learn more about the history of the Corps of Engineers’ Canal Park.  Best of all, the tour can be accessed any time of the day.  The cell phone tour highlighted stops include the tug Bayfield, Duluth Ship Canal, Duluth’s Aerial Lift Bridge, local lighthouses and the shoreline anchor display.  

To access the cell phone tour, just dial 218 213-9069.  Callers listen to a short welcome message followed by instructions on how to receive information about each featured attraction.  The cell phone tour is free.  Cell phone usage rates do apply.  Additional tour details are included in a four-page overview:  Cell Phone Tour Overview.pdf

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