American Integrity entering Duluth

Makinaw Entering Duluth Port

Edwin H. Gott

Photo by Diane Hilden

Photo by Diane Hilden

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FRIDAY, November 6

Keynote Luncheon Speaker

Stephen Brooks, President Chamber of Marine Commerce 


Afternoon Speakers

Bruce Lynn, Executive Director, Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum


Afternoon Tours/Options

Great Lakes Aquarium Special Tour

U.S. Coast Guard Center Tour

Historical Video Showing


Evening Event

Lake Superior Magazine Opening Gala


SATURDAY, November 7                                                                           

Keynote Opening Speaker

Frederick Stonehouse – Author and Historian 


Event Speakers

Ric Mixter, Producer, Lecturer and Author

Michael Schumacher, Author of “The Mighty Fitz”

Peter W. Riley, Attorney represented families of Edmund Fitzgerald

Carol Christenson, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Bob Abrahamson, Author “Luck of the Draw – The Mataafa Story”

Terry Pepper, Great Lakes Lighthouse Association

Ken Merryman and Jerry Eliason – Authors, Shipwreck Hunters, Historians

Fitzgerald Findings – “What Caused the Loss”

Team of Researchers – Jerry Lawson, Joe Burbul and Tom Drouillard


More speakers being added every day….



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